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We focus on driving innovation that creates positive change for the benefit of people, customers, and communities around the world. We do this through various initiatives that support our four global responsibility pillars: Culture and Values, Environmental Sustainability, Community Impact and Corporate Responsibility.


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A word from our CEO

Cameron Bready Headshot

It is an honor and a privilege to have recently been named the President and CEO of Global Payments. I am grateful for the confidence our Board of Directors has placed in me and am thrilled to be leading our 27,000 team members worldwide going forward. I joined Global Payments in 2014 as our CFO and assumed the position of President and COO in 2019. After all this time, I can say quite simply that I love this company.

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of a number of wonderful businesses over the years, but Global Payments is by far the finest organization I have had the pleasure of working with during my career. And that is largely due to the people. We have the most talented and exceptional people, and I am excited to continue to work closely with them in my new capacity as CEO. They are truly what makes this company both special and successful.

The Power of Team

As CEO, one of the most important things to me is that we accomplish everything together as a team at Global Payments. With strong teamwork and effective team dynamics, we can achieve outstanding results for all of our constituents. In a company with the level of complexity and geographic reach as Global Payments, issues are invariably going to arise in our business, but it is how we respond to these events as a team that ultimately defines our success as an organization. As a team, we celebrate our victories and also take accountability for our mistakes.

And it, as with any team, is critical that team members feel valued, have the tools they need to perform their roles well and recognize everyone is critical to the achievement of our vision and goals. I am focused on creating an environment where everyone believes and feels they are truly contributing to our success and understands the role they play in achieving our objectives each and every day.

Strong Culture and Values

Underpinning any great team is a strong culture. Ultimately, our culture dictates how we accomplish our goals and achieve results as an organization. Our culture is the fabric that ties us all together—it is the connective tissue that makes the organization operate effectively. It also creates the style of work for our organization and influences our ability to be an effective team. 

Culture is like a garden in that it has to be nurtured and maintained, with a constant focus to ensure we are creating the environment we desire.

I am committed to ensuring Global Payments’ culture is second to none, and that together our team has a strong role in shaping that outcome.

For me, there are several key principles to creating a culture that is best in class:


First and foremost is community. I believe excellent cultures have a foundation of community. Having a strong community means creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, feels they can bring their true, whole and authentic self to work, is embraced by the team and feels they are contributing meaningfully to our organization. Community provides us with the necessary foundation we can build on going forward.

Our DEI initiatives are critical to creating this community and ultimately the type of organization we are striving to become. We have set well defined goals and are making solid progress, which we detail in this report.

Further, a defining element of our community here at Global Payments is our commitment to supporting the communities in which we live and work globally. We endeavor to integrate corporate citizenship into every aspect of our company. This is evidenced by our biannual Worldwide Days of Service, when all team members have the opportunity to participate in activities supporting not-for-profit and charitable community organizations in the various locations around the world where we operate. 


Our organization must provide everyone a fair opportunity to grow, develop, advance and be rewarded for the work that they do. We are focused on providing team members with meaningful training and development, mentorship programs and leadership development opportunities. We also believe in the criticality of timely and purposeful feedback, which is facilitated by our 4Talks Performance Enablement process. 


Accountability requires every member of the Global Payments team to take responsibility for outcomes— good or bad. Accountable teams recognize what they are doing well that is yielding positive results and attempt to do more of it. Accountable teams also recognize what is not going well and hold each other responsible in a constructive way for improving and taking corrective actions to achieve better outcomes. 

Accountability starts at the very top, and we have adopted leading governance practices that establish strong independent leadership in our boardroom and provide our shareholders with meaningful rights. We are committed to conducting all business ethically and hold our people to the highest standards.


Accountability cannot exist in an organization without trust and vice versa. It is much easier to be an accountable team when we have an organization of trust. When we trust each other’s intentions, we can respectfully disagree, and we can respectfully hold each other accountable. In a trusting organization, we treat people like the professionals they are, and we consider them trustworthy. 

Caring and Kindness

I also want Global Payments to have a caring and kind culture. Every company says it values its team members, but great organizations with great cultures show it. It is incumbent on us as an organization to show our team members that we care and demonstrate kindness to each other. We care about having healthy and happy team members, and we care about their well-being and satisfaction in their roles. In a caring organization, everyone should feel important and that the team is concerned for them. I am proud that here at Global Payments we host multiple worldwide Team Appreciation Days annually to honor and celebrate all of our team members’ hard work, dedication and unwavering commitment to our company. 

The health and wellness of our team members is always our highest priority, and I am particularly inspired by the way our company responds when team members face a health or personal challenge. As an example, with the devastating war ongoing in Ukraine, we implemented a leadership response team who continuously monitored our team members, contractors and customers in the surrounding regions to confirm their safety and offer additional support as necessary. And in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Ian, Global Payments supported team members impacted by the disaster, providing them with relief through The Care Foundation, a non-profit organization funded by team members of Global Payments’ Heartland business. 


As a software and technology company operating in dynamic and competitive markets, team members must express ideas, make suggestions and contribute to the company in positive and constructive ways. Innovation does not have to be tied to a new product or technology development, but, rather, can relate to any idea or suggestion that improves our business.

We encourage our team members to raise their hand and share their thoughts and ideas. Everyone has a voice and an opportunity to contribute. Good ideas can come from anywhere in the organization and we should respect that in our culture. Diverse Perspectives is one of our core values and we recognize that unique viewpoints and experience drive innovation that helps us grow and succeed. 


I am highly focused on having a culture that emphasizes quality and professionalism in everything we do as a company. As a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 business, we need to act and operate at that level of professionalism every day, in every aspect of our business.

We are focused on continuing to make it easier for our clients and customers to do business with us around the world by putting their needs first and delivering outstanding software and technology products, capabilities and solutions. Further, we seek to continue to differentiate ourselves by the level of service we are able to deliver to our clients and customers. Every interaction with Global Payments, whether with our products, technologies and solutions or our team members, is an opportunity for us to deliver the highest quality possible.

Great teams never settle and are always striving to do more. At Global Payments we are a team committed to redefining success with a continuous improvement mindset and by constantly striving to do better as an organization. This includes driving positive change across our four Global Responsibility pillars of Culture & Values, Environmental Sustainability, Community Impact and Corporate Responsibility.


Cameron Bready Signature

Cameron M. Bready
President and Chief Executive Officer


Making sustainable contributions

Global Payments is committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. We have prioritized areas where we believe we can make the most meaningful contribution, which includes managing our energy consumption, limiting waste and conserving water across our facilities and data spaces globally.

While the vast majority of our office properties and enterprise data center spaces are leased, we can still have a significant environmental impact. We have many initiatives in place today and are focused on identifying additional ways to conserve around the world. In addition to our own efforts, we are committed to assessing the policies and practices of our existing and potential vendors and suppliers on environmental stewardship.

Please see our CDP Climate Change Questionnaire for details on our progress towards achieving our net zero goal, and how Global Payments measures its GHG emissions and reductions of those emissions, including methodologies used. Global Payments is working towards third-party verification of data and claims.

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Creating meaningful community impacts

We do our utmost to demonstrate passion and enthusiasm for making a difference in the lives of others. As a member of the global business community, corporate citizenship is fundamental to our values and who we are. We take action around the world to create change by offering our time, services and financial assistance to those in need.

Nurturing diverse cultures and values

It all starts with our people, which is why People Who Make a Difference is placed at the very top of our value wheel. Our unwavering focus on our team members and making Global Payments a great place to work allows us to attract premier and diverse talent committed to delivering the highest level of service to our customers and making a positive impact on our communities.

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Embracing good corporate responsibility

We have adopted leading governance practices to establish strong independent leadership in our boardroom and provide our shareholders with meaningful insights. We value shareholder engagement and feedback as we strive to deliver strong financial performance and sustained value creation for our investors. What we learn through our ongoing engagements is regularly shared with our board and incorporated into our disclosures, plans and practices, as appropriate.

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